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The Hydro Chronicle Podcast

Nov 17, 2019

The Hydro Chronicle is a new podcast brought to you by UK Hydro Industry expert and veteran Rich Hamilton. Episodes will be released each month and will feature a wide array of guests from the Indoor growing and cannabis community, talking about all manner of topics in a laid back, relaxed fashion.

The Hydro Chronicle aims to bridge the gap between the experts, brands, and the hobbyist grower through relaxed and open conversation about all manner of issues related to the indoor growing world and beyond. 

By being open, honest and inviting key guests to the podcast which are integral to the industry from either the past, the present, the future or all of the above. 

An industry veteran with 4 grow books under his belt and another 2 books due in out in 2020 for the American market, Rich also is a prolific industry writer and content provider whom writes for industry magazines across the world.